Watch to the END to see what occurs!

Jeremy has been itching to purchase deserted storage models once more

Extra importantly, Jeremy & George need to restorage the love once more

They have been looking for alternatives to reward again storage unit

This time, the chance did not come as clearly because the final time

They searched and searched however could not discover the unique proprietor

UNTIL the power supervisor discovered the unique proprietor

Watch to the END to see what occurs!



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14 Replies to “Previous Owner FIGHTS ME For His Storage Unit”

  1. Hey I don’t know where you are located but I have a butt load of magic the gathering cards if you are interested let me know. We used to play every day me and my friends but got bored of it. I can take pictures of the good cards ie planewalkers and some others

  2. So sweet! It seems like some of the people you restore the love to don’t know how to react to all of this kindness. It’s not very often something like this happens to anyone! Thank you to the Hale’s family and all that you do.

  3. That T-Shirt that said Lincoln Hawke was from a Sylvester Stalone movie called Over The Top. It was about a trucker who would compete in arm wrestling. His son goes with him across the country to see him compete. It is a family friendly movie.

  4. Super Leute, weiter so ihr bringt die Menschen die euch sehen zum.. Lächeln und zum weinen, aber vor allem zum Nachdenken, ob wir nicht selbst ein wenig mehr für die Menschen tun können die uns brauchen. Liebe Grüße aus DEUTSCHLAND.. Daniel. B

  5. You guys are just AMAZING! What a crew you have, George, Jeremy, Patience and Christian!!! 💖💖💖Dustin looked so amazed at the kindness that you were sending 🤝🙏🤝 his way !! BLESS YOU ALL !!!! GOD will be Sending Blessing Back Your Way !!

  6. They would know if that was a manager special because the 1st thing a new company does is go thru the system and verify all the units & they would have to be listed in the system as a customers unit otherwise they would not be able to go thru the auction process needed to be able to auction off this unit.

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